Blue Ridge “Hand Painted Under The Glaze” dinnerware was the creation of a company known as Southern Potteries located in Erwin, Tennessee founded back in the early 1900′s. The real allure of these items is the uniqueness of each plate, platter, cup, saucer, tea pot and gravy boat. Each was hand painted and then glazed to create a truly special item with each dish. Although the Blue Ridge dinnerware line experienced many years of success, Southern Potteries eventually closed it’s doors in the late 1950′s. Since then, Blue Ridge China and dinnerware has been remembered as a product of some of the best days in American history. That memory has cultivated a strong emotion towards these dishes and has made them quite collectible.

For a more in depth history and to keep up with the Blue Ridge / Southern Potteries community that is still alive today, head over to SouthernPotteries.com

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